10 Point Breakdown Of Britney Spears’ “Circus”

Guess who has an early bird copy of Britney Spears’ “Circus,” not due in stores until December 2nd? Me! I can’t tell you how I got it, but it was leaked on the internet this week, so, if you were a fan of pirated music, you could tots find it yourself. Anyway, I’ve been listening to the record on repeat all morning/afternoon and am prepared to give it a grade. A+! All the details of its’ awesomeness, after the jump…1. The song “If You Seek Amy” has a hidden meaning! Just say it really fast. Hee, hee. Oh Britney, you’re so crazy.

2. “Mmm Papi” is reportedly about on and off flame Adnan Ghalib. Okay, so does she call him “Papi” in the Spanish for “Daddy” way, or in the short for “Paparazzi” way? “When things get crazy/You sure do wanna save me/With this fast car/I can really get far/And don’t break my heart/Let’s make out.” Sure does sound like the early days of their relationship, when Britney would drive around Hollywood, leading the paparazzi on a wild goose chase, often with Adnan by her side.

3. “Out From Under” is a ballad that definitely seems to hint at Britney’s regrets about her failed relationship with K. Fed. To which I reply, “Girl, get over it. Plenty of hotter, better clothed, less trashy fish in the sea.”

4. There is the required lullabies for the kiddies on “Circus”, including “My Baby,” which is all about the time she spent not having custody of her kids. It’s a teary moment.

5. “Radar,” which was on her last album, “Blackout,” is on “Circus.” Why? I mean, it was one of my faves, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t need it twice.

6. “Phonography” seems to be about exchanging dirty texts and phone calls with, probably, Adnan. Using Bluetooth, needing her hands free and whatnot. What do you think her mobile of choice is? Blackberry? iPhone? Sidekick?

7. My favorite on the record has to be “Amnesia.” I have no clue who she’s talking about — because obviously I assume all of Britney’s lyrics are about real life — but I love the lyrics. “I forgot my name/I forgot my telephone number/If he wanna see me/He don’t even know it/I forgot my address/Damsel in distress/I forgot my boyfriend/Was the one that had bought me this bra.”

8. Looking to add some new music to your stripper playlist? “Womanizer,” “Kill The Lights,” and “Rock Me In” will get your booty shakin’.

9. Every Britney Spears’ album needs an “empowered woman” track and, besides the single “Womanizer,” “Circus” is it. “There’s only two types of guys out there/Ones that can handle me/And the mamma boys are too scared/But if I brought one down to my lair/He’d never wanna leave, just sit and stare.”

10. “Circus” is filled with plenty of references to Britney’s, um, lost year, on “Blur” especially. “Can’t remember what I did last night/Maybe I shouldn’t have given in/But I just couldn’t fight/Hope I didn’t but I think I might’ve/Everything, everything is still a blur/Can’t remember what I did last night/Everything, everything is still a blur.”