The Frisky’s Five Worst Duets

This weekend, the new James Bond movie, “Quantum of Solace,” opened. We’ve already been raving about the spy’s new lady, Olga Kurylenko, but now we want to rant a little about the theme song. Jack White and Alicia Keyes are both totally awesome in their own right. Jack is the hottest guitar licker of his generation and Alicia’s been kickin’ butt on keyboards since she was a teen. Yet, somehow, when they sing together on the new Bond theme, “Another Way To Die,” it’s like nails on a chalkboard. For the record, the track is hot! It’s just the vocal combo in the chorus that will stop the song from being as big a hit as the movie. Alas, sometimes, two heads just aren’t better than one. But don’t worry, Jack and Alicia, there are duets far, far worse than yours by artists of the highest caliber. So, in honor of those terrible twosomes, here are The Frisky’s Five Worst Duets, after the jump…

5. Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson “To All The Girls”

It’s kinda of funny to watch these dudes sing about all the girls they’ve porked while staring deep into each other’s eyes. Although, just the way Julio sings “caress” could make me celibate the rest of my life.

4. “New Day” by Bono and Wyclef Jean

Sure, they clearly have man-crushes on each other, but musically their mismatched lyrics make a giant mess of their mutual need to talk about the world’s problems. Watching Bono oddly bop his head to Wyclef’s beats is like one step away from Karl Rove rapping.

3. Queen Latifah and Rod Stewart cover “As Time Goes By”

Rod Stewart’s whole series of duets makes our skin crawl, but this one track stands out in particular because he managed to sucker the Queen. What happened to one of the baddest mutha’s of hip hop?!

2. David Bowie and Mick Jagger cover “Dancin’ In The Street”

In this case, two positives equal a total negative. The video alone makes us never ever want to do drugs or wear neon. Don’t let this happen you, kids!

1. Hilary and Hailey Duff cover “Our Lips Are Sealed”

This version of the Go-Go’s classic hit is straight up blasphemy! Honestly, we wish they had listened to the title of this song and just shut up. Karaoke night on a cruise ship sounds better than this. Since the high-pitched squeals of these sisters could cause brain damage, watch their video at your own risk.