Liveblogging “True Blood”!

This week’s “True Blood” liveblog is a little different because instead of Amelia, I’m filling in with my take on our favorite vampire series. Check back at 9pm EST when the show starts on HBO!9:04 I love her trench dress!
9:04 In “Twilight” it takes three days to turn.
9:07 Sookie seems to have the worst luck. I guess they found that woman’s body.
9:07 If the killer is murdering people near to Sookie, who was this random woman?
9:09 That dress looks just as horrible as it did last week.
9:10 This chick is bat sh– crazy. Kick her out Jason. How does one get vamp guts stains out?
9:14 Yuck!
9:14 Finally Jason grew a pair for more than sex.
9:19 Awww. Poor Tara.
9:22 That police officer looks rather sleazy.
9:24 Gentle persuasion aka threats always work.
9:26 I really can’t stand this chick. She is so manipulative. Jason don’t believe her.
9:25 Lafayette cleans up nice. I guess he has video of this guy.
9:27 Someone forgot their acting lessons. But I guess she only had a small part.
9:28 Sam just wants Sookie again. Poor Tara. So why is Tara so angry if she really doesn’t have a demon.
Sookie needs to get over herself. Bill is in trouble because he saved her life.
9:29 Why is Sookie making future plans with Sam.
9:30 I didn’t trust Amy either. I wouldn’t have eaten any of her food. Don’t believe her v mumbo jumbo, Jason. She could sell v to a vampire.
9:33 She seems happy!
9:33 Does this mean Erica becomes Bill’s child?
9:34 We’ve got another crazy, y’all.
9:35 Tara looks like a harlot and she needs to watch her mouth. Uh oh, tough love.
9:36 Oh wait, Tara’s mom is going to get all high and mighty after the ish she put Tara through. Get therapy Tara.
9:38 V doesn’t really seem like something I’d enjoy.
9:39 Uh oh, it’s the killer.
9:40 Killed her just like that, framing Jason. This is the second time this happened.
9:41 And he can’t say he was high on V. Wouldn’t you go check around the house to see if the killer is still there.
9:43 Can someone please wash Erica’s face. I mean come on.
9:44 Nice recovery Bill.
9:46 That’s the naked lady from last episode!?
9:47 I think the woman is a werewolf.
9:49 Trifling. Sam slept with your friend. Sookie jumped ship really quick.
9:50 Sookie is selfish, but it’s good to know that you can rescind your invitation to a vampire.
9:51 Isn’t that where the Fresh Prince of Bel Air lived?
9:54 Oh shoot. Rene! I knew it.