Scarves To Keep Your Neck Warm (And Hide Any Hickies You Might Have)

One of the best things about winter is that during this time of year you can actually wear more accessories than you can during any other season. For once, layering won’t lead to overheating. And, if you wear one of the 10 scarves below, your black or charcoal gray peacoat will look a little different from everyone else who’s bundled up.

Hand Dyed Scarf, $108,; Fabulous Scarf, $27.99,

Circular Scarf, $28,; Autumn Picnic Plaid Scarf, $23.99

Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf, $14.99,; Oatmeal Drop Stitch Scarf, $35,

Pinwheel Scarf, $210,; Floral Scarf, $69,

Epice, $104,; Knit Vertical Stripe Scarf, $12.99,

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