Fashion’s Top 10 Secret Weapons

Every card-carrying fashionista knows she has be a step ahead of the pack. She must know the big name designers, cult favorites, and up-and-coming talents. (Oh, you don’t know about Juan Carlos Obando? Gasp!) Her savvy wardrobe needs to be expertly put together at all times with an effortless appearance. The glam queen rushes from event to event but is by no means disheveled. And she is never caught in a fashion disaster. How does she keep it all together? Her hush-hush secret weapons of course. In a pinch, she pulls out one of these 10 go-to tricks of the trade for a quick and easy solution to common fashion emergencies. 1. Hollywood Fashion Tape: This tape was made famous by Jennifer Lopez’s eye-popping Versace gown at the 2000 Grammy Awards, double-sided tape has become a staple outside of Hollywood making its way into closets everywhere. Throw it in your clutch to avoid a malfunction. [$7.50,]

2. Unseen Secret Bra Clip: So small and effective; the bra clip can lift your bust, stabilize your bra straps, and create a two-in-one halter look. Purchase in white, black, or clear and keep handy when you’re in a jam. [$14.95,]

3. Foot Petals Sole Solutionz and Peek-A-Shoe Pouch: Slip these little miracles into your new Yves Saint Laurent stilettos to add much needed cushioning and prevent annoying slippage. The set is available in rose, silver rose, black iris, and buttercup. Your feet will thank you! [$50,,]

4. Spanx Under the Heel Tight-End Tights: These are the tights to buy for fall. Reach for them when you’re feeling lackluster and bloated and you’ll instantly look slimmer, smoother, and way more polished. [$32,]

5. Yummie Tummie Freedom T: Shapewear can in fact be worn as outerwear. Layer Yummie Tummie’s tanks and tees with all your favorite sweaters and blazers to eliminate bulge. No one will suspect a thing. [$72,]

6. Static Guard Spray: There’s nothing more embarrassing (and hilarious) than static cling. Don’t let your Chanel suffer. Buy a cheap bottle and spray away. [$5.29,]

7. Smart Heel High Heel Protector: No more swearing at that pesky sidewalk crack or teetering around the subway grates. With easily removable protectors, your heels will be safe and sound against the outdoor elements. Once inside, remove them discreetly and store in your handbag. [$11.95,]

8. IsABelt: Let’s not be that girl. You know the one giving people a show. The clear IsABelt is designed to prevent unwanted slippage or back gap in your pants. The barely visible product works wonders on low-rise jeans. Keep your undies to yourself. [$16.95,]

9. Braza Petals Plus: The reusable petal tops are made to offer you more coverage. Wear the discreet silicone petals under your sheerest, form-fitting clothes to stop unwanted appearances. [$11.99,]

10. Miss Oops Rescue Sponge: These sponges are amazing. They instantly make marks from your cosmetic powder and deodorant disappear without leaving awkward wet stains on your designer duds. [$10,]