The Daily Squeeze: Bond Vs. Bourne, Second Life Sex, And Hayden-Harnett For Target

  • The one thing James Bond can’t do? Beat Jason Bourne at the U.S. box office. The last two Jason Bourne movies have made more money in the U.S. than any James Bond movie. [E Online]
  • Were you wondering how avatars have sex in Second Life? Well, first, you have to buy genitals… [BBC]
  • Children cared for by a grandmother have half the risk of injury than kids cared for by others, even the child’s own mother. No wonder most people love going to grandma’s house — it’s safer than home. [LiveScience]
  • Check out the upcoming Target line from handbag designer Hayden-Harnet. So far, no “For Target” logos have been spotted on them. [Racked]