SHE Was A Bond Girl?

Earlier today we told you all about new Bond baby Olga Kurylenko, the latest hottie to go toe-to-toe with James Bond. But there have been many, many before her, including a few that may surprise you. Some of the most unexpected Bond girls from the previous films, after the jump…

Tanya Roberts
Stacey Sutton
“A View to a Kill”
Denise Richards
Dr. Christmas Jones
“The World Is Not Enough”
Michelle Yeoh
Wai Lin
“Tomorrow Never Dies”
Famke Janssen
Xenia Onatopp
Eva Green
Vesper Lynd
“Casino Royale”
Halle Berry
Giacint “Jinx” Johnson
“Die Another Day”
Jane Seymour
“Live and Let Die”
Teri Hatcher
Paris Carver
“Tomorrow Never Dies”
Grace Jones
May Day
“A View to a Kill”