Eight Twitters To Follow

Sure, a lot of people use Twitter like a Facebook-status on steroids, telling anyone who will listen what they’re eating for lunch and other mundanities. But some of the “tweets” getting put out into the world actually help us cook better, increase our intelligence, and entertain us while we’re waiting for the bus. After the jump, some of the Twitter feeds you should be following (in addition to those Tumblogs we told you about).1. Shopalicious: If you love shopping but won’t buy anything that’s not on half-price, follow Shopalicious. Every day, you’ll get info on a cute item from a store that’s having a sale.

2. drinkopia: A drink recipe every day! Your friends will be impressed when you mix up a Jenny Great (that’s the name of a drink Southern Comfort peach liqueur, peach schnapps, and orange juice).

3. recipeupdates: When you’re shopping at the grocery store after work, you can check your Twitter for a recipe of the day — handy, right?

4. DowningStreet: The office of the British Prime Minister tweets about what Gordon Brown and team are up to. Yesterday, he was dealing with downpours in New York City and speaking to the UN.

5. BravoTopChef: Past “Top Chef” contestants live-tweet new episodes. Basically, you’ll get insider commentary that might help you win the “Top Chef” pool.

6. amazonmp3: If you’re an honest person who doesn’t steal music (but hates paying full price for it), Amazon.com will send you daily deals. Like on Tuesday, you could have gotten Taylor Swift’s new album, Fearless, for $3.99.

7. maddow: Rachel Maddow is awesome, so it’s a given that you should be following her.

8. TheFrisky: That’s us! We send you links to a few stories from the site each day so you won’t miss the good stuff.