Top Chef Is Back!

Top Chef” is back on Bravo, y’all! I’m so excited. I think it’s one of the best reality TV competition shows and unlike, say, “Hell’s Kitchen,” these chefs are actually insanely talented. Well, from what I can see. It’s not like Taste-O-Vision has been made yet (get on that, scientists). After the jump, I break down some of the stand out contestants and what I think they’ll be known for this season. For the record, you should probably take my recommendations on who is going to win the show and start placing bets. You see, I predicted on episode one of this season’s “America’s Next Top Model” that Analeigh would win and she’s now in the final three — if I had only trusted my instinct and bet on her at, I could be on the way to winning, like, $1000. So trust my instincts.

Most Likely To Be Kicked Off Next For Over-Cooking Something:
Ariane, 41, Verona, NJ
Most Likely To Have The Catch Phrase Of The Season:
Carla, 44, Nashville, TN
Most Likely To (Try To) Make Sweet Love To All The Female Chefs & Padma:
Fabio, 30, Los Angeles via Florence, Italy
Most Likely To Win The Whole Thing Because Of His Awesome Back Story:
Gene, 33, Las Vegas, NV via Hawaii
Most Likely To Make Enemies & The Final Three:
Jamie, 30, San Francisco, CA
Most Likely To Be The Douchiest & Get One Of His Hairs In Tom Colicchio’s Entree:
Jeff, 30, Miami, FL
Most Likely To Be My Favorite Because I’ve Eaten Her Food & It Is GOOD:
Leah, 27, New York City
Most Likely To Want To Prove Everyone Wrong, But, Sadly Won’t:
Radhika, 27, Chicago, IL
Most Likely To Fill The Quota Of Hilarious Gay Comments Every Episode:
Richard, 27, San Diego, CA
Most Likely To Face Gene In The Final Two:
Stefan, 35, Santa Monica, CA via Tampere, Finland