Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kim’s Wig Makeover

Since the premiere of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” viewers have been talking about three things: Big Poppa’s identity, the feud between NeNe and Kim and Kim’s wig, which we think looks like recycled Barbie hair. As you can see, we’ve touched on the first two topics, but decided to wait and deal with the sorry state of Kim’s wig because a woman’s hair is a really delicate subject.

We don’t mean Kim any disrespect. We just think that someone who can write checks for $67,000 should have a more expensive wig. So we decided to give Kim a few makeovers based on celebrity hairstyles, so she realizes how many options she has. If she and NeNe reconcile, maybe Dwight Eubanks will style her next lace-front wig. Vote on which you like best!