I Make An Awesome Girlfriend Because…

We recently made a wish list of traits you’re hoping your next boyfriend will posses. Looking at all the characteristics that were stipulated, we started to think about ourselves and what we would bring to a relationship with a man who has all the qualities we desire. There’s a reason we’re so picky about who we date. Sure, we’re not perfect, but there’s a lot us ladies bring to the table, too. After the jump, read the reasons Frisky staffers think we make good girlfriends, and leave yours in the comments. I make an awesome girlfriend because…

  • I make the bed every day
  • I use uni-sex hair products
  • I make an amazing marinara
  • I don’t have a jealous bone in my body
  • I will always tell a dude exactly how I’m feeling
  • I can get ready quickly
  • I enjoy drinking beer
  • I scoff at cheesy chick flicks
  • I’m usually willing to compromise
  • I enjoy cuddling
  • I cook really well (but I like it when my boyfriend helps!)