Six Songs About Doing It All Night Long

Men have this crazy idea that women want to have sex for hours and hours. So not true, yet this misconception keeps creeping into the bedroom…and song lyrics. Rocking someone all night may seem like a healthy romp in the sack, but like I always say, “Every well runs dry,” and there could be some really great reality TV on that is more entertaining. So men take note, we want you to be faster (not that fast) in the bedroom and more creative in the recording studio. More after the jump.

  1. “Oh, do it all night, do it with me. I’ll take you to heaven if you make me feel free. Baby, do it tonight, do it all right. Just take me and shake me till I burn up inside.” — E-Rotic, “Do It All Night”
    These lyrics are as creative as his name.
  2. “I’ve been waiting such a bloody long time and you been talking to someone else. Now that I’ve got your attention there’s something I wanna mention. I wanna do it, do it all night. I wanna do it, oh, do it to you right.” — Prince, “Do It All Night”
    You can always count on Prince for a song about sex. But since he’s Prince, we’ll give him a pass for this one.
  3. “All night, I wanna do it. All night, oh give me love baby. All night, I wanna have ya. All night, I want to taste you. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh yeah.” — Def Leppard, “All Night”
    If I guy whispered this to me, I would laugh so hard I’d pee my pants, and then he wouldn’t want me all night.
  4. “If you didn’t know, you’re the only thing that’s on my mind. ’Cause the way I’m staring at you got me wanting to give it to you all night.” — Usher, “Love In This Club”
    I hope Usher is singing to his wife Tameka Foster because, if not, she will beat the other chick down.
  5. “Baby I want you to kiss me all night long. Oh yeah, please my baby. Don’t you ever let me down. Oh baby, I want you to kiss me all night long. Oh yeah please my baby. Don’t you ever let me down…” — Ziggy, “I Want You To Kiss Me All Night Long”
    Really, Ziggy? Is that all you want to do?
  6. “I will be, I’ll be your man in motion. I want you, I want you all night long. I will be, I’ll be your man in motion.” — Night Ranger, “Man in Motion”
    I think I’m getting a little motion sickness.