Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Big Poppa Rumors

Kim Zolciak on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has been trying to keep her boyfriend Big Poppa a secret, but the internet has been buzzing with all kinds of rumors about his real identity. Since we might have been wrong with our initial outing, we decided to check the web to see what the detective fans have found out lately. Keep reading to see some other theories…

  • “BIG PAPA? It’s Lee Najjar. If you watch the second episode where Kim is texting with NeNe and Sheree, there is a moment where her text inbox is revealed. In the inbox there are several messages from “Lee” including “Miss U”. If you have the show on TiVo you can go in slow motion and see it very clearly. Anybody who gives a contrary answer is trying to cover for her since he is already married.” — Reader on New York State of Mind
  • Commenter Oh Atlanta backs this claim up. Apparently, this fan also has TiVo, but check out the extra info she/he gives toward the end. “Kim (Kimberleigh) Zolciak’s “Big Poppa’s” identity is all over the internet and confirmed by pausing the show while Kim is texting Sheree Whitfield outside of Blue Genes. “Big Poppa” is Atlanta’s own MARRIED real estate developer Lee Najjar. His name and little “Miss You” messages are shown on her text message inbox on her cell phone. So now the question is what does Mrs. Najjara (Kimberly Najjar – convenient that first names are the same just spelled differently) have to say about this embarrassing situation? The sparks should be flying in Buckhead!” – Oh Atlanta in Atlanta Magazine
  • But then Barbara shuts Oh Atlanta down. “Wow, you guys are a mess. I am a friend of Kims, I can assure you his name is not Lee. Kim’s best friend growing up is Lee so Yes there probably is texting going on, but her FIANCEE is a CELEBRITY. not married in fact she is engaged. It will be funny to watch the show and see what America says when she gets a RING….” – Barbara in Atlanta Magazine

Our own Frisky commenters have their own theories:

  • “Big Poppa is Clive Davis!” Miss Emma
  • “Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Clive Davis gay?” Anabel
  • “You have to understand what you see on t.v. is chopped and edited. If anyone has been listening to Kim on the show she said that her Big Poppa is a well known man in the music business and now she is in the studio w/ Dallas Austin who do you think that is? (Quincy Jones) Another thing is when she went into Dallas Studios and they was showing the different music plaques on the wall on of the pictures was blurred out, why do you think that is? Because Big Poppa is Quincy Jones. You have to pay attention to detail and listen to what people say.” mrs. shyne
  • “Big Poppa is in fact Lee Najjar. It is not Clive Owen or Quincy Jones. Kim is working with Dallas because Dallas is friends more so with Lee’s son Jared and Lee himself. Lee is in fact married still with 4 children. He did live in the same area as Kim up until a year ago when he moved to Buckhead.” Anonymous

So after reading all these rumors and many other commenters on the web, I’m still confused because most of these are good theories. I guess only time will tell, but I’m counting on the detective fans in Atlanta to solve this mystery.