Where To Meet Him: The Corduroy Club

Now you know how we all met our last significant others, but the question most of you are wondering is how are you going to meet your next significant other. Well, welcome to a brand new Frisky feature we’re calling “Where To Meet Him” in which we give you some info on events, happenings, and places you’re likely to find some interesting guys.

In honor of today’s date (11/11), our first “Where To Meet Him” subject is the Corduroy Appreciation Club, a “social club for people who like corduroy.” Meetings take place on dates which resemble corduroy, like January 11th, or 1|11, and today, November 11th, 11|11. Meetings, where members must wear at least two items of Corduroy, feature “secret rituals,” a keynote speaker, and a member open forum with “member inspired poetry, prose, song, artwork, dances, etc.” Geeky, artsy guys in corduroy? Sign me up! Speaking of signing up, it’s easy to become a member of the CAC, and if there isn’t already a chapter in your area, start one! Just keep in mind that if you ever share any of the club secrets, “you will be considered a traitor, have your membership materials confiscated and be banished from all club functions.” I guess you’ll know what to do if things don’t work out with your new Corduroy Club boyfriend.