Twilight’s Robert Pattinson Likes To Laugh At Himself

Now that we’ve started reading “Twilight” for tomorrow’s book club discussion, we’ve totally joined the legion of girls who have a huge crush on Edward Cullen, and by default, Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward in the upcoming movie. Pattinson has been doing a lot of interviews lately and is giggly and charming in all of them. After the jump, a collection of conversations with the actor that will make you even more excited to see the movie on November 21.

  • Robert didn’t think he was “heartbreakingly beautiful” enough to play the role of Edward Cullen. [EW]
  • Robert exercised so much to prepare for the role that he looked “like an alien” and had to start eating cheeseburgers. [EW]
  • Robert thinks Kristen Stewart is “fierce.” [EW]
  • Robert is a little scared of mobs of screaming fans… [EW]
  • …for good reason — he caused a mob scene in a San Francisco mall, and police had to come to control the crying girls. []
  • Robert and Kristen are really cute together. Too bad Kristen’s dating Michael Angarano. [MTV]
  • Robert stole his costumes from “Twilight” and has been wearing them around instead of buying new clothes. [MTV]
  • Robert is very nervous about people listening to the song he wrote for the “Twilight” soundtrack. Also, he’s trying to improve his spelling. How cute. [MTV]
  • Robert thought about going into politics, but he didn’t want to do any more homework. [LA Times]
  • Robert and Kristen had to kiss for their audition. Also, in this interview, his shirt is unbuttoned really far. [E Online]
  • Robert really wants to cut off his hair, but the movie’s marketing people won’t let him. [E Online]