Five Tricks To Having A Never-Ending Honeymoon

When the intoxicating romantic high of your wedding day drifts seamlessly into the intensely intimate, orgasmic togetherness of your honeymoon, it seems impossible the good times (both in and out of bed) could ever possibly end — until they do. This usually happens after your flight is delayed twice, and when you finally get home, you find a note from your pet sitter, telling you the cat yakked up a hairball on your carpet, and she couldn’t find the bottle of Resolve, so the stain is permanent. Before you know it, your sexy honeymoon lingerie is buried at the bottom of the hamper (or worse, still in your suitcase), you’ve totally lost your newlywed glow, and are instead sporting the perpetual brow furrow of someone who lacks the time to eat a proper meal, let alone hand write 200 thank-you notes. If you want to avoid this perilous and sex-starved fate, we suggest you try a few of these tricks, designed to keep you and your brand spankin’ new spouse firmly ensconced in betrothed bliss well beyond the honeymoon.
1. Don’t OD On Post-Wedding Details
Yes, those thank-you notes need to be written, and, yes, you need to find a place to store all that loot you received, but once that’s finished, the best thing you can do is call it quits on all things wedding-related. Don’t hound your photographer for photos, don’t troll Facebook to see if your wedding guests posted anything about your big day, and don’t lie in bed at night asking your spouse to relive his favorite moments from the ceremony. Just step away, and go back to living a normal, dupioni-free existence. If you can do this, when your photographer finally does send the link to your online gallery, you can open a bottle of wine and relive your wedding day for the first time, not the 400th.

2. Find A New Joint Venture
It may not have felt like it at the time (especially during that recurring fight about whose job it was to tell his mother she couldn’t invite second cousins), but planning that big wedding shindig was actually binding the two of you closer together. Working side by side, resolving conflicts, making joint decisions — this is the stuff marriage is made of, and nothing will make you feel more “married” than taking on a new challenge together. Try diving into a project around the house you always said you’d tackle (you’d be surprised how much it can turn him on to see you pushing a cart around Home Depot). Even if you don’t plan to move or renovate for a while, talking through each other’s housing priorities is rampantly romantic, not to mention a fail-safe way to bring up the subject of starting a family, without inducing a panic attack.

3. Don’t Quit The Gym
While you should most certainly relax your pre-wedding workout schedule and resume a healthy relationship with carbs, don’t retire your gym. The sigh of relief that comes with being done with the wedding often leads to a period of lazy listlessness, which can creep into your sex life far too easily. Stay committed to your sweat routine and hit the gym together. Not only are you carving out a portion of your day to spend as a couple (something easier said than done, even when you are married), the healthy adrenaline rush is bound to spill over into the bedroom.

4. Enact A Boob Embargo
For couples that cohabitated before they tied the knot, the illicit nature of being naked together has long since turned into something commonplace. Why not try a little false modesty on for size; namely, keep the girls covered until he makes the effort to uncover them. Don’t strip or dress out in the open, don’t stay naked before or after showers (this is a great time to wander around in that honeymoon nightie that you haven’t worn since), and make access to your chest a quest for him. When you are totally bare, it will be in a lustful moment, rather than one that’s lackluster.

5. Let The Mundane Guide Your Mojo
Perhaps the coolest thing about being married is the feeling of security and comfort that comes with knowing you’ve got a partner by your side. Normally we don’t associate words like “security” with sex, but if you pay close attention, even the smallest, most minute detail of married life can be a major turn on. It might be the way he fiddles with his new wedding band while he reads, or the tingle you get when you get to introduce him as your husband. Whatever it is, use it. Latch on to that warm little feeling and fan it into a flame of desire. Don’t let those little things go unnoticed, for they are the things that will keep your honeymoon going indefinitely.