What We Want Out Of The “Sex And The City” Movie Sequel

The “Sex and the City” movie sequel is all but confirmed — Kim Cattrall says it’s on, Sarah Jessica Parker says a few details still need to be ironed out, but given the success of the first film this summer, I don’t think we’ll be able to avoid another Carrie & Co. chick flick fest. So what do we want out of round two? Entertainment Weekly had their own ideas and, sorry, we were a little bored. Miranda a PTA mom? No thanks. Our brilliant plot line suggestions, after the jump…1. “Sex And The City: The Prequel” — Now that everyone’s basically married off and having kids, we’re bored with these shrews. Let’s go back to the days before even the TV show, when the women were broke, partying until 8am, shagging tons of men (some good, some bad), and dealing with real twentysomething issues, like abortion, and yeast infections, and doing the walk of shame. Starring the cast of “High School Musical”! Oh, and we could even get a glimpse at the younger Big, played by, say, Jason Biggs, when he was just a chubby assistant at some big investment firm and couldn’t get laid.

2. “Sex And The Nursing Home In The City” – Carol Burnett, Helen Mirren, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Ellen Burstyn show that sex can still happen in your 80’s, even when you’re plagued with bladder control issues.

3. “Sex And The Small Town” – Big gets a sweet new gig, but his new office is in…Iowa. Gulp! Will Carrie and her Manolos fit in small town America? Will she be able to find anything to wear at her local mall? And will the other women, still living the big city life in NYC, come and visit her EVER?