Beyonce As Sasha Fierce As Wonder Woman?

Beyonce has had great success as a singer/songwriter and a modicum of success as an actress — She was great in “Dreamgirls,” but let’s not forget she didn’t win the Oscar. Yet, she’s always willing to heap more onto her plate. Now, she is in talks with DC Comics and Warner Bros. to play the first black Wonder Woman. Beyonce will bring a physical prowess and flexibility unrivaled by the other actresses linked to this role, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes and Evangeline Lilly. But do we really need to see Beyonce mimic another woman or character? I don’t think so. I say, she should hone her acting skills by taking roles for stand-alone characters. After the jump, check out a list of Beyonce’s movies and the woman or character she impersonated.

  • Etta James (“Cadillac Records”) — modeled after Etta James
  • Deena Jones (“Dreamgirls”) — modeled after the original Deena Jones played by Sheryl Lee Ralph in the Broadway production
  • Foxxy Cleopatra (“Austin Powers in Goldmember”) — modeled after Pam Grier as Foxy Brown
  • Carmen (“Carmen: A Hip Hopera”) — modeled after Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen Jones
  • For someone that only has seven films under her belt, Beyonce should look to diversify her acting resume and avoid biopics and reinterpretations for awhile.