The Protesting Of Proposition 8

The passing of Prop 8, which bans gay marriage in the State of California, has been causing a riot on The Frisky, but that’s nothing compared to what been going on in the streets and in the gay community. Borrowing chants from the Civil Rights movement, homosexuals have rallied together this week to fight for their rights to have families.

  • On Wednesday, outraged people of all orientations took to the streets of Los Angeles to protest. They carried posters with slogans like “Love Not 8” and “Would you rather I marry your daughter?” Sadly, their march for love took a turn for the worst. There was a tangle with members from a Mormon Temple, five people were arrested, and some were even beaten. Local World of Wonder studio and gallery was there to capture it all on tape. Check out their moving footage here.
  • Melissa Etheridge played at the Democratic National Convention over the summer. There she sang, “God Bless America,” but now, she’s changed her tune. In an open letter to the country on The Daily Beast, the Grammy Award Winning songwriter argued that if she, her wife, and her community don’t have the same rights as heterosexual citizens, they shouldn’t have to pay state taxes. Although she is hopeful that the American government will eventually accept homosexuality, it’s an interesting point and it ignites an even larger argument for gay rights.
  • There’s a real fight brewing here, but what’s the actual problem? Fear and hate. It would be a travesty if gay Americans aren’t given the same freedoms we straight people take for granted. [LA Times]