The Daily Squeeze: Thakoon For Target, Red Lips, And Strong Handshakes

  • Photos showing the Thakoon Go International for Target collection are out. For clothes that are coming out in December, they’re awfully summer-y. Yes, we know it’s a “resort” collection, but what Target shopper vacations in Brazil at this time of year? [Nylon]
  • Craigslist is taming its “erotic services” listings by requiring vendors of those services to pay a pay of about $10 for each listing by credit card. The money will be donated to charities that combat child exploitation and human trafficking. [NY Times]
  • You know how your lips have that natural lipliner? Well, the transition line is called the vermillion border, and humans are the only species that have it. [LiveScience]
  • Women benefit more than men in interviews if they have a strong handshake, so beef up your fishy grip. []
  • Brad from “The Rachel Zoe Project” revealed where he likes to hang out in LA. If we lived there, we’d stalk him. [Paper Mag]