Romance On TV: Grey’s Anatomy Sets Up Its Lesbian Romance For Failure

Last night on “Grey’s Anatomy” we finally got to see how ABC execs decided to cut out Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) and her lesbian love storyline. There was much backlash and gossip regarding the unfair decision to give Erica the boot because people and network execurives seemed “uncomfortable” with her same sex relationship. The news leaked that she was getting the ax right before the episode aired. So how did they do it? More details after the jump. The past came back to haunt Izzie as she is assigned to the patient whose heart transplant she once stole for her late fiancé Denny Duquette. Erica Hahn gets wind of this reality and decides she’s going to report Izzie to higher authorities. As she is leaving the hospital after work with Callie, they get into a fight that went something like this.

“There is not gray area here. You can’t kind of think this is okay. You can’t kind of side with Izzie Stevens. You can’t kind of be a lesbian.” It ends by her telling Callie, “I don’t know you at all,” and then walking away into the night, never to be seen at Seattle Grace again. We think, anyway.