Poll: Did You Get Lucky On Election Night?

The Urban Dictionary word of the day for Nov. 5 was “Obama baby.” Definition: “A child conceived after Obama was proclaimed President by way of celebratory sex, or any baby born under Barack Obama’s term(s).” Yesterday’s was “election erection.” Participating in the electoral process this week really turned some people on! A quick glance at Craigslist’s missed connections listings showed that a bunch of people narrowly missed the possible loves of their lives on Tuesday night (keep reading to see a few). Did you get lucky or have a sexless night because of the election results? NEW YORK

  • Dude who lives at 244 Jackson, I hope you got to vote – w4m – 27 (The Wrong Polling Place)
    You: in line behind me because the poll workers (bless their hearts, but they get confused sometimes) told you to get in line.

    Me: offered to look up your election district on my phone. It turned out you weren’t just in the wrong line, you were at the wrong polling place. “Maybe I can run there,” you said, and dashed away.

    I hope you got to vote. But it’s okay if you didn’t, because our guy won anyway.

  • we got kicked out of cab for making out on election night – m4w (Downtown)
    and then for some reason went separate ways. we should have a do-over.
  • Obama Celebration at 5th & Union around 1:30 am Election Night – w4m – 28 (Park Slope)
    During the Obama celebration at 5th and Union this morning I turned to you and said something like “This is crazy, where did all of these people come from?” We both just smiled in awe of everything going on. Such an amazing night. I should have just introduced myself. But then I had to make a call to share the collective craziness and you were gone.
  • I’ve seen you around the neighborhood walking your dog. We should go for coffee sometime…


  • Cute Pollworker on Chevy Chase – m4w – 23 (Glendale)”
    …At the Orange Table mid-morning today. Should’ve paused and flirted a bit but the flurry of election day activities put me off. Thanks for your help and gorgeous smile.

    I suppose you would know my name and where I live, or remember the college T-shirt I was wearing?

  • Sarah in Election Line, 6th Street, Caracen – m4w – 30 (near Downtown)
    You are Asian, came from Alaska, have been in L.A. for about 10 years. You also said they spelled your name wrong on the voting registry (they spelled it “Shir”). I was wearing a blue track suit, tried to help you with the voting process. Anyway, you seemed cute and nice. I liked your smile. If you see this, maybe we could have a drink some time?

  • Becky, Red Line Saturday Night 11/1 – m4w – 23 (little italy)
    We were both waiting for the red line on Saturday night when they announced that all the trains would be traveling on the north bound track. I was going southbound and knew it would take forever to get where I was going.

    Of course I cracked open a PBR. You looked over and laughed, and I was shocked when I offered and you accepted! I told you on the train that I would post on here, sorry it took a few days.

    You work where I go to school, so it’d be great to get together sometime and get lunch, talk about the election, whatever!

  • brown line on election night – m4m (brown line)
    You were wearing a blue hoodie and cargo shorts. We exchanged a couple smiles before chatting for a minute or two. Then you got off at Sedgwick. If you’re interested in continuing our conversation, let me know it’s you by telling me something like the color of your shorts, where you voted, or how long you had to wait in line.