How’d You Meet Your Last Significant Other?

We all know dating is difficult, but man hunting is even more difficult. Sure there’s a bunch of advice out there on where to meet men, but can you really trust advice that hasn’t been put into practice? So we thought it would be helpful to let you know how we met our last significant others. And there’s definitely something to be said about hooking up with a friend of a friend. In the spirit of helping a fellow sister, tell us and other readers how you met your last main squeeze, in the comments.I met my last significant other…

…through a friend. He was her coworker.
…through a friend, but he was an acquaintance until we hung out at a bar.
…at a New Year’s party, where we made out when the ball dropped and then somehow were together for nearly five years from then on.
…on my college campus. We hung out in a large group.
…at a bar. And we’ve been friends ever since.