Cloche Call: Eight Ladylike Hats

If your mother is anything like mine, she probably used to yell at you all winter: “If you don’t put on a hat, you’re going to catch pneumonia!” I hated wearing my stocking hat when I was younger — all the cool girls had ear muffs or knit headbands. Oh, how the times have changed. Now, I’d wear any of the elegant hats below every day without complaint. When it starts to snow and I’m walking down the street wearing my ribbon-trimmed cloche, I’m going to feel like the most sophisticated girl in town.

1. Belfry Jolie Wool Striped Cloche, $78,
2. Scala Akiko Velvet Cloche, $58,
3. Currency by Helen Welsh Wool Cloche with Elongated Brim, $27.49,
4. White House/Black Market Wool Felt Cloche Hat, $48,

5. Juicy Couture Logo Button Corduroy Cloche, $31.90,
6. Goorin Bros. Sylvia, $46,
7. Urban Outfitters Feather Cloche, $42,
8. Urban Outfitters Asymmetrical Bow Cloche, $34,

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