Why Does America Still Hate The Idea Of Gay People Getting Married?

Last night was absolutely historical and I’m not going to hide my glee. Americans came out in record numbers and voted for a significant change in the White House and in Washington, with quite a few states (Ohio and Florida among them) going blue over their traditional red. As Barack Obama said last night, “That is the true genius of America — that America can change. Our union can be perfected. And what we have already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.” Unfortunately, while there’s much to proud of today, regardless of whether you voted for Obama, there’s also a few disappointments. It appears that all but one of the gay marriage bans have passed, including, probably, Proposition 8 in California. Really America? We’re still that scared of gay people eating wedding cake? Really?Here are the arguments used against gay marriage, which I will refute.

Marriage Is Inherently Religious And God Doesn’t Like Gays: Sure, a lot of people get married in a church or a temple or a mosque. But a lot of people get married in parks, officiated by justices of the peace or, heck, their Cousin Sandy who got his marriage license online, and then eat barbeque afterwards. Those marriages are still legal. You don’t need to be married under the eyes of God to be a legally wed couple. So religion should have nothing to do with the laws of marriage.

Marriage Is About Procreation!: Man and woman get married so woman can get pregnant and have baby and keep human race alive. Yeah, sure, except so many couples are now infertile, adopt, use surrogates, or in-vitro to have babies, all of which do not actually require man and woman to make baby together. Gay couples can do all of the above, essentially. Marriage, thanks to science, is no longer about procreating via inserting man’s penis into wedded wife’s vagina. And if it is, all those happily married hetero couples with adopted kids (if they have kids at all!) should have their marriages overturned.

But Civil Unions Are Almost As Good!: Seriously? Look, the water coming out of the water fountain for “Blacks Only” probably tasted the same as the water coming out of the white folks water fountain, but it’s not really about the water is it? And the seats in the back of the bus were probably just as comfortable as the ones in the front, but it’s not really about the seats is it? C’mon now people.

Marriage Is For Straight People Because Gay People Are Disgusting Sinners: This is really why people vote for gay marriage bans, let’s face it. I’m really tired of the “intellectual” reasons above — because as I’ve shown, they don’t hold up anymore. People are against gay marriage because they are scared of gay people, because they still don’t like their “otherness” and because they are uppity about getting into heaven.

And the argument in favor of gay marriage?

Marriage Is About Love: Maybe not for everyone, but ideally, it is and it should be. And when two people marry for love, rather than money, or fame, or power, or because they’re two drunken idiots in Las Vegas, isn’t that something we should all get behind?