Sarah Palin’s Next Gig Should Be…

Sarah Palin isn’t our Vice President-elect, but that doesn’t mean her next job can’t be just as exciting. After the jump, check out our 10 suggestions for how Palin can serve her country now. Sarah Palin should…

  • Replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck as the conservative voice of “The View.”
  • Open a consignment shop to sell her $150,000 wardrobe.
  • Create a makeup line inspired by her own choice of lipsticks.
  • Open a day care center for her own children and [future] illegitimate grandchildren.
  • Be McCain’s full-time home health aide.
  • Start a line of hunting gear called Cari-booty.
  • And speaking of hunting…sell a brand of hooker boots made out of the skins of animals she personally hunted.
  • Record a Christian album.
  • Launch a reality show a la “The Osbournes” to show off her parenting skills.
  • Really star in a porno.