Sarah Palin’s Next Gig Should Be…

Sarah Palin isn’t our Vice President-elect, but that doesn’t mean her next job can’t be just as exciting. After the jump, check out our 10 suggestions for how Palin can serve her country now.Sarah Palin should…

  • Replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck as the conservative voice of “The View.”
  • Open a consignment shop to sell her $150,000 wardrobe.
  • Create a makeup line inspired by her own choice of lipsticks.
  • Open a day care center for her own children and [future] illegitimate grandchildren.
  • Be McCain’s full-time home health aide.
  • Start a line of hunting gear called Cari-booty.
  • And speaking of hunting…sell a brand of hooker boots made out of the skins of animals she personally hunted.
  • Record a Christian album.
  • Launch a reality show a la “The Osbournes” to show off her parenting skills.
  • Really star in a porno.