How To Get That Embarrassing Bumper Sticker Off The Back of Your Car

So, let’s say your political candidate of choice lost last night…or years ago. If you’re driving a vintage Volvo that supports Mondale/Ferraro or you’re too distraught to cover up the McCain/Palin sticker on the back of your Durango with one that says MY OTHER CAR IS A ZAMBONI (I’m looking at you, hockey moms), here’s how to remove it completely. Because if ever there was a time for change, it’s now.

1. Get a hair dryer and put it on the hot setting. Simply point it at the sticker for a couple of minutes until the adhesive softens.
2. Gently peel the sticker off the car, giving it a shot of hot air if the adhesive starts to harden up again. If you have trouble getting it going, use a rubber scraper to start the corner.
3. If there’s any stickiness left, you can wipe it away using a soft cloth and a little WD-40.

As an aside, I’m tempted to ask you not to pass this along to anyone with a W sticker. But in the spirit of cooperation, maybe it’s best you did. Because the feeling of superiority (his approval rating is at a record low obviously) in allowing them to be humiliated by the sins of their voting past is fleeting at best.