Dry Spells: Romantic Vs. Sexual

Romance and sex no longer really automatically go hand-in-hand. We have known this for years now, yet some of us still get mixed up. Sex without romance can be liberating, fun, and carefree. Romance is something entirely different. It’s an enhancer for the heart, mind, and soul. Since these two words can mean entirely separate things, that now means there are two different kinds of dry spells: one for the body and one for the mind.

A sexual dry spell is the kind you usual hear about. “Man I need to get laid,” etcetera. Your hormones are raging and your body is basically in heat like an animal. You begin to eye people like prey, that guy on the other side of the bar, the one waiting in line behind you at the drug store, and the man making your salad at Au Bon Pain. Luckily, this kind of dry spell is pretty easily quenched. Either go out and grab somebody to fulfill your urges no strings attached or figure out the best way to please yourself.

A romantic dry spell is a little harder. You can send yourself all the flowers and chocolates you want like Cher Horowitz in “Clueless”, but you can’t really fake that feeling of being loved and cared for. We crave intimacy. Knowing the other person is there for you and wants to make you happy is a wonderful feeling. How can you satisfy this dry spell? Well… I’m no cupid so I’m not really sure how to tell you to achieve that. Just put yourself out there and hope for the best.

Next time you feel that certain emptiness paired with strong desire for something more, figure out if it’s physical or emotional. Then proceed accordingly. It’s easier to target what you want when you can target exactly how you’re feeling.

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