Diddy’s, Um, Relationship With Cassie Is Sad

The whole world seems to know that Cassie is Diddy’s jump off, a casual sex partner. Or to use more current slang, she’s his buss it baby (refer to definition #3). The sad thing is she doesn’t realize this and continues to let Puff (I hate the name Diddy) disrespect and exploit her in his music, in print ads and, even, in her own song. More on just how pitiful their relationship is after the jump. I saw the above ad for Sean John’s women’s collection all summer long. I was appalled every time I saw it. I thought, “What exactly is for sale here?” This ad is less about the clothes, and more about Puffy advertising/showing off Cassie’s goods to the rest of the world. Most men wouldn’t want the whole world looking at the crotch of their partner. Yet, Puff allowed Cassie’s leopard-printed crotch to be on full display in a national ad campaign. She does have free will, but we all know Puffy is an egomaniac and control freak, so I’m sure she didn’t have that much say in photo choice. Plus, rarely are spokesmodels allowed to give input on ads.

But Puff’s disrespect doesn’t stop there. On his latest single, “Swagger Like Puff,” which is a remix of T.I.’s “Swagga Like Us,” he calls Cassie a bitch as she’s singing the chorus. “Sing the song for me, bitch” is what he says exactly. After watching this parody video from R&B singer Karina Paisan, I realized most singers wouldn’t stand for this treatment from the man she occasionally shares a bed with.

Cassie laments about being the unofficial girl in “Official Girl”. She is signed to Puff’y’s Bad Boy Records. So not only did he put her jump off status in the street, but also let the world know she’s unhappy with said status.

Puffy is a renown player, but he would never treat Kim Porter, the mother of his children, in this manner. This exploitative and degrading treatment is reserved only for Cassie because she is expendable. I doubt he would ever wife her. And when he tires of her, he’ll just find a way to dissolve her recording contract. The pathetic thing is it seems none of this has occurred to Cassie.