Book Club: Read Twilight With Us Before The Movie Hits Theaters

When we first heard about the upcoming movie “Twilight,” we were interested mainly because Robert Pattinson stars in it, and he’s extremely good looking. We had never read any of the books or heard of author Stephenie Meyer. And then we started seeing trailers for the movie, and we were even more intrigued. Now, Amelia, Annika, and I have decided to read Twilight before we see the movie, which comes out Nov. 21, and we’re starting today. There are just two-and-a-half weeks before the movie hits theaters, and the book has 498 pages, but we think it can be done, and we want you to join us! For next Wednesday, we’re reading the first 12 chapters. Come visit The Frisky on Nov. 12 to discuss it, whether you’re reading it for the first time or the seventh.