The Seven Sexiest Presidents On Screen

Today is Election Day, and I’d hate to taint the actual political merits of the hottest candidate by calling him out on his looks, charisma, and killer dance moves. Instead, let’s drool over the actors Hollywood has made rulers. Here are seven of the sexiest Presidents ever captured on screen, after the jump …

Geena Davis
President Mackenzie Allen, “Commander-In Chief”

Ms. Davis is one sexy piece, but we have to admit, we think a lot of women would make irresistible leaders. Oddly enough, on the short-lived ABC show, she got the power when the president died, and she was promoted from her VP position. Sound like a familiar possible scenario?

Luke Wilson
President Joe Bauers, “Idiocracy”

Although this Mike Judge movie was a straight to DVD release because Fox didn’t agree with its politics, it’s one of the most hilarious movies eve, and it’s got a great cast. Plus, it features not one, but two studs in-charge. Luke Wilson and Terry Crews make us feel well-represented.

Bill Pullman
President Thomas J. Whitemore, “Independence Day”

OK, maybe “Lone Starr” doesn’t really have the (space)balls to pull off executive power. However, he’s still a hottie, and we’d happily let this candidate work at our Oval Office.

Kevin Kline
President Bill Mitchell, “Dave”

Doppleganger “Dave” steps up his average guy game to sub in for the sick President. We’re suckers for salt-and-pepper hair, so we’d love to score with this charming layman!

Ken Howard
President Thomas Jefferson, “1776”

A rebel musician/writer with tight pants and a ponytail, we fall for this type like the British at Yorktown. In the film adaptation of the Broadway musical “1776,”, the lovesick renegade shows he’s got a heart as big as his country. We’ve got one question about this fiery, pretend White House occupant. Do the drapes match the curtains?

Josh Brolin
President George W. Bush, “W”

I must admit, I won’t see this movie because I don’t want to kill the girl-boner I’ve got for smokin’ hot Brolin. He backs up his buddies in bar fights, looks great in a suit, loves his stepmom, Barbara Streisand, and has mastered the thoughtful yet sexy stare. I’m sure, even if he was playing the befuddled president, I’d still be all about his Bush.

Harrison Ford
President James Marshall, “Air Force One”

Ford is so bangable, he’s a regular in our top dreamboat lists. Han Solo has all eyes on his airplane in this flick that’s named after President’s main ride. And I’d like to ride it.