Best of The Frisky: Election 2008

We’re pretty sure that you’re looking at your clock right now, impatiently waiting for the polls to close and the vote tallies to start coming in. But you still have a few more hours to kill, so why not fill that time by taking a look back at everything that happened leading up to today?

  • First of all, did you vote today? Yes? Then you get free stuff. If your anxiety level is through the roof, or your legs are stiff from waiting in line for hours, practice Election Day Yoga (and tighten up your butt).
  • Didn’t Michelle Obama wear some stylish outfits? We think so. So how come no one is talking about her sex appeal the way they do Sarah Palin’s? Maybe you have to spend a ton of money on campaign clothes to get that kind of male attention. Palin would have gotten even more catcalls if she had worn a bondage costume for Halloween, but maybe she’s a sub in the bedroom.
  • Even fashion designers got pretty caught up in the political spirit. During Paris Fashion Week, designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac sent a dress down the runway with a likeness of Obama in sequins, and Zac Posen wants you to send him a photo of what you’ve wearing to vote today.
  • After Palin made a comment about lipstick, makeup companies saw a chance to profit. Heck, even Cabbage Patch Kids and Hustler Video are making a buck off Palin-mania. Droves have impersonated the VP-candidate, and some faux-Palins even gave dating advice.
  • With so many pubic appearances, we began to wonder whether you can tell anything about a politician by the way he holds strangers’ babies at rallies. And then there was the question of whether John McCain hates babies. He tried to disprove this theory.
  • Candidates, from Palin to, uh, Paris Hilton, tried showing off their humorous sides. Even Hillary Clinton made a joke about her “sisterhood of traveling pantsuits,” which was clever and endearing.
  • When we grow up, we want to be in an affectionate relationship like the Obamas — hopefully, our yet-to-be-found significant other has the same political views as us, otherwise things could get messy. Do you think Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston agree on who they’re voting for? Oh, wait. Johnston forgot to register to vote.
  • If you’re not feeling the economic recession yet, feel free to buy some election-related gear. You could probably get a discount on it tomorrow.
  • Finally, check out what Obama would look like with feathered hair. He’s still cool.