What’s So Sexy About Sarah Palin?

We’ve been trying to figure out why people (um, men) find Sarah Palin sexy, but not the other women involved in the presidential campaign. Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain and Jill Biden are all very attractive, stylish women but haven’t been branded with the “sexy-label” like Palin. We think all this business about Palin being sexy is her own doing. From the very beginning, she made sure she came across as a “guy’s girl” to all the Joe Sixpacks of America. You know the kind of woman that enjoys watching the game with the fellas at a sports bar, while eating buffalo wings and drinking beer. A “guy’s girl” could also partake in aerial wolf hunting. Sure, Palin dressed the part of a vice presidential candidate. She wore stylish, yet conservative suits, and even started a trend with her choice of eyewear. Although Palin didn’t wear miniskirts or go around exposing her cleavage, she did foster a “sexy librarian” persona by winking and blowing kisses to the audience at campaign events, putting her beauty queen sex appeal on full display. Also, Palin doesn’t seem to be as intelligent as the other campaign women. Let’s face it, she still isn’t clear about what the vice president does and can’t specifically name any newspapers or magazines that she actually reads. As a result, Palin’s gaffes have made men pay more attention to her body than her words.