Prostitution, Gay Marriage, & Reproductive Freedom On The Ballot

While picking the next President is on everyone’s mind, what’s going on in bedrooms is on the ballot too! Many states across the country have sex-related bills all vying for votes, as Elizabeth from “Sex in the Public Square” pointed out. So, here’s what’s going down in the voting booth, after the jump…

  • A Real Proposition: Decriminalizing Prostitution
    The hottest ticket in San Francisco has to do with sex workers. The city by the bay is looking to legalize prostitution in an effort to protect all kinds of jobs. Proposition K would stop police from arresting both clients and workin’ stiffs. The hope is that these measures will prevent the spread of STDs, stop panhandling on the street, give prostitutes the ability to speak up about abuse, and stop the trafficking of human “sex slaves.”
  • Exclusive Rights To Wedded Bliss: Gay Marriage
    California, Florida, and Arizona all want to be the Webster’s Dictionary on defining marriage. The three states each want to stipulate that a man and a woman are the only suitable marriage arrangement. Who could hate love? Gay marriage bashers fear financial and moral repercussions for granting committed homosexual couples the same economic and civil rights as their straight counterparts. Who are the lovers? Brad Pitt donated $100,000 to lobby against California’s Proposition 8 and Ellen Degeneres has been vocal in her opposition as well. But alas, celebrities in Arizona and Florida haven’t dished out their dough to stop Florida’s Amendment 2 or Arizona’s Proposition 102. Now, it’s all up to the voters!

    Connecticut is swinging the other way! Although the State Supreme Court has claimed that same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, Question 1, would allow a revision to the law, which could jump start a grand reopening of the tunneled laws of love!

  • Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner: Reproductive Freedoms
    Thirty-five years after Roe v. Wade protected a woman’s right to choose whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy, the man still thinks he can tell us what to do in South Dakota, Colorado and California.

    South Dakota’s Initiated Measure 11 would ban abortion. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to pull that one off! In 2006, the governor signed a ban, but a ballot initiative stopped the law from going into effect. However, they’re back at it, this time, with a simple, yet vague, revision for health issues.

    Colorado’s Amendment 48 would give legal rights to eggs, even before they get shot up with sperm. This amendment leaves room for prosecuting miscarriages and failed attempts at In-Vitro. Yeah, like our criminal justice system doesn’t have enough actual crime to worry about!

    California’s Proposition 4 is all about parental consent, and would make it impossible for teens to get an abortion without first talking to their parents. Like that’s as easy for all teens as it appeared on TV to be for Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin. If you’re not rich or famous, good luck!