He Said/She Said: 10 “Gateway Beers” That Might Turn Her Into A Beer Lover

So you think you’ve found the perfect guy but he’s a beer lover and you’re not? For many women, a beer’s bitter finish is enough to have them running for a shaker and fruit juice. Well, problem solved! We’ve compiled 10 “gateway beers” that’ll have her throwing back with the boys in no time.

1. Blue Moon
Best if she likes Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a relatively fruity wine said to have a “floral bouquet.” A perfect match for Blue Moon, a light wheat beer with a fruity aftertaste — often garnished with a yummy orange slice!

2. Corona, Pacifico, Sol
Best if she likes Margaritas

These are all ultra-light beers that are low on hops, which gives them a slightly sweet tinge. Like margaritas, they are best for warm weather and meant to be enjoyed with a slice of lime or lemon for that citrusy kick.

3. Chimay Rouge
Best if she likes ginger cocktails

Chimay Rouge is a full-bodied Belgian beer with a fruity aroma and hint of nuts and honey. Much like ginger cocktails, this is a perfect cozy weather drink.

4. Heineken (light)
Best if she likes a vodka tonic

Heineken’s “light” version is surprisingly tasty without being too overbearing. The beer is less bitter than its fellow European imports and ideal for girls who enjoy the savoriness tonic drinks.

5. Woodchuck Granny Smith Draft Cider
Best if she likes Appletinis or Apple Coladas

Hard Ciders are essentially fermented versions of apple or pear cider. It is naturally sweet and served in pint glasses — perfect for lovers of apple liquors or even sugary rum drinks.

6. Pete’s Strawberry Blonde
Best if she likes Strawberry Daiquiris

Pete’s Wicked Ale is a standard American micro-brew that provides a host of creative seasonal beers — like the Strawberry Blonde. An excellent strawberry-tinged summer brew for ladies who love a pink daiquiri.

7. Red Stripe
Best if she likes Jack Daniels and Coke

Red Stripe is a lager-style beer that has a cola-like thickness, no wonder it’s brewed by a former soft drink manufacturer. It also has a faint hint of molasses making it not too sweet and not too bitter.

8. Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic
Best if she likes Cosmpolitans or Cranberry and Vodka

Framboise is a Belgian “lambic” beer fermented using raspberries, often called a “fruit beer.” Some framboise beers can be quite tart, though Lindeman’s is softer and sweet, with a dry cidery element. Definitely the drink of choice if “Sex and the City” was set in Brussels.

9. Sapporo
Best if she likes sake

Sapporo has the same smoothness and clean finish of sake, but in beer-form. All Sapporo beers have a relatively light body, so try the Sapporo Light if you want something even more reminiscent of the
Japanese liquor.

10. Stella Artois
Best if she’s ready to graduate to the industry standard

Stella Artois is the ever-present bar staple. A medium-bodied Belgian beer with a hint of hoppy bitterness, but still rich and not aggressive. If she’s ready to call herself a beer drinker, this trustworthy ale is the way to go.

HE SAID: Remember that some girls have had bad experiences with beer, they may have tried some that were far too bitter or carbonated and assumed that all beers tasted the same. Be nice and thoughtful when explaining that isn’t the case. When starting out on your beer journey be sure to keep her away from often bitter beers like pale ales, stouts and brown ales unless all the others above fail.

SHE SAID: Remember — this list is not about changing your tastes, it’s about sharing each others’. And much like wine, beer comes in a myriad of varieties all with their own subtle differences. Have fun trying them out and remember to drink responsibly!