10 Tips for Overcoming Election Day Anxiety

After months and months of a heated, nail-biting, historic presidential race, Election Day is finally upon us, and if you’re like a lot of us who are passionately invested in the outcome, chances are the pressure and anxiety at this point is downright overwhelming. So after the jump, ten tips for overcoming Election Day anxiety (or, ten tips to at least survive the day, regardless of who wins)…

  1. Get to your polling place as early as possible — lines are expected to be long, so vote first thing and avoid the madness
  2. Once you’ve voted and made it to work in one piece, go ahead and spike your morning coffee with a shot or two of Bailey’s (no one has to know!)
  3. Instead of obsessively watching the polls throughout the day, read sites like The Frisky and get the scoop on dating, sex and relationships…you know, stuff that doesn’t make you anxious at all
  4. Take a mid-morning walk around the block and give a “thumbs-up” to everyone you see wearing an “I Voted Today” sticker
  5. Tell your boss you haven’t voted yet and go take a 3 hour lunch break
  6. Squeeze in a nap if you can
  7. Back at the office, play this YouTube video and hold a little impromptu dance break
  8. After work, give these nine songs about self-love a listen and see if you feel inspired…to you know, love yourself
  9. Practice some Election Day yoga
  10. As polls start closing and returns begin rolling in, party-hop like it’s New Year’s (but without all the pressure of starting a new diet the next day!)