Who Needs A Date To Go To The Movies?

There are a lot of movies I’d love to see that no one ever wants to actually watch with me, either because they think the movie is going to blow (“Beverly Hills Chihuahua”) or because I want to go at inconvenient times and they just can’t (like right now, I have a hankering to finally see “Rachel Getting Married” and no one is answering my text messages, those bitches). That’s why I’ve gotten awfully used to go to the movies alone and frankly, I kind of prefer it to fighting for seats with a group of girlfriends. After the jump, five reasons why having a date at the movies, totally sucks.Some girl friends and I were sitting around talking, the way ladies tend to do. And the subject of dating inevitably came up. Then the topic got around to movies, and mild shock registered when I disclosed the fact that I enjoy going to see movies alone.

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