The Daily Squeeze: I Heart Ronson, Attractive Candidates, And Intricate Pumpkins

  • Will you be making your first purchase ever at JC Penney come February, when Charlotte Ronson’s line I Heart Ronson comes to stores? Check out photos from the line here. Something tells me the pearlescent baby pink leggings are going to sell out in Ohio. Or not. [Nylon]
  • Google just keeps making our lives more wonderful. By adding “Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat,” in Google Labs, you can text your friends from your Google Chat sidebar in Gmail. (Note: It’s being rolled out to users gradually, so it might not show up in your Lab yet.) [Lifehacker]
  • A study by Northwestern University found that voters like female candidates to be both competent and attractive, but being attractive doesn’t matter if the candidate is male. [KTTC]
  • There is a restaurant in Rome that only has one table, and takes one reservation for two each night. []
  • Half of the 40 chefs surveyed by Time Out New York responded that they’d “nailed a hostess.” [Gothamist]
  • If you’re feeling really ambitious tonight, you should make yourself the world’s fanciest jack-o-lantern. []