Quickies!: How To Hump A Vampire

  • We really want to screw Bill Compton from “True Blood,” so we’re going to pay a lot of attention to these tips for having sex with a vampire. [Daily Bedpost]
  • We’re going to highlight some photos of readers in their Halloween costumes, so send yours to [email protected]. [The Frisky]
  • Jennifer Hudson must have told her fiance “Punk” to get a job now that his stint on “I Love New York” is oooover because now he’s a professional wrestler. With those chicken legs? I don’t think so. [Mediatakeout]
  • Here’s some last minute Halloween tips for you, your kids, decorating and entertainment. [Shine]
  • Studies show that overweight women have more sex than women of average weight. [College Candy]
  • Adopting a pet with your guy/gal can be a furry, uh, hairy situation, if you guys break-up. [Your Tango]