Who Should Anne Hathaway Date Next?

After the rough year she’s had with her breakup with Italian businessman-turned-criminal Raffaello Follieri, Anne Hathaway could use some good old-fashioned fun. And what’s more fun that flirting with a new man? Some of our suggestions, after the jump.

Robert Buckley: This hottie from “Lipstick Jungle” is only a year older than Anne. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and got his degree in economics at the University of California, San Diego. He worked as an economic consultant for about a year and a half before venturing into entertainment. During his interview yesterday morning on “The Today Show” he stated that he’s single. Bingo!

George Clooney: A little Clooney could be just what Anne needs to get back on her feet. She shouldn’t dive straight into another serious relationship just yet and Clooney isn’t known for his long-lasting love. But he is known however for being a sexy Hollywood Casanova that every woman wants a piece of. Anne is smart and pretty, an upgrade from George’s usual models.

Joe Maloof: Okay so he’s quite a bit older, but Anne does like them businessmen and he is LEGIT. His family owns the NBA Sacramento Kings and WNBA Champions Sacramento Monarchs, as well as the Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas and a Coors beer distributor. Hello cash flow! Plus, she will be in good hands as the Maloofs are known to be excellent businessmen. Plus he’s got a wee bit of the date rape face, which we know she likes (Follieri had it, big time).

Josh Lucas: Josh and Anne were rumored to be flirting this year at the Democratic National Convention. He’s only a little bit older, perfect for Anne who has always been more on the mature side. He has been in a bunch of blockbusters such as “Glory Road,” “Poseidon,” and “Sweet Home Alabama,” and he’s currently in New York appearing off-Broadway in a play called “Fault Lines”, which is perfect because Anne lives there as well.

John Mayer: Despite the fact that he is a known player, he’s still got that sexy musician vibe. Mayer, if he’s not with Aniston because we don’t encourage cheating, could be the perfect guy for Anne to run around and have some wild fun with.