What’s Your Halloween Costume?

It’s nearly October 31, aka All Hallows’ Eve, aka Halloween, aka the one day a year you are allowed to be someone else. So, what are you dressing up as? I haven’t decided whether I’m dressing up this year, though my last two costumes — a Gucci bag and Ugly Betty — were amazing, if I do say so myself. Amelia is going as Samantha Ronson with a friend of hers who is dressing up as gal-pal Lindsay Lohan, Simcha is going to be She-Ra Princess of Power (He-Man’s twin sister). Like me, Annika’s not dressing up (she’ll be drinking Hennessey coladas instead), but her sister is dressing up as a leprechaun, which sounds like an awesome costume. Leigh is dressing up as Blair from “Gossip Girl,” of course.

What’s your costume? Tell us in the comments. And, if your costume is really awesome, send a photo to [email protected], and we’ll post a few on Monday.

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