Town Cracks Whip On Family-Friendly Sex Shop

Now that you’ve made babies, what do you do with them? Well, when you’re shopping in the “Little by Little Adult Concept Store”, a sex shop in Hillcrest, Australia, you hand them over to the on-site babysitters! While you go in the back room and buy naughty things to help you make more of those little guys, they’ll mind the little rugrats. Unfortunately, some haters in the small town are appalled by their “family-friendly” policies. After a couple official complaints, the City Council is on the sex shop’s case. Since the store is sandwiched between a Lutheran Church and a mall with a dental surgery office, a bakery, a drug store, and a hair salon, some residents claim that sex toys just don’t fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. The shop was recently served a “show cause” notice and now they must prove that they’re serving the community in order to be allowed to stay in business. Manager Monica Bekkers doesn’t understand what all the whining is about, saying, “Everyone has sex.” Well, maybe not the local people who have so much time on their hands they’re willing to file charges! But, in defense of her in-house kiddie care for customers, she also adds, “It only takes a child eight minutes to die in a hot car, and I don’t see the harm in letting your child sit in our shop and colour-in while mum or dad look about….Everyone who works in this shop is a parent themselves.” Plus, all the dirty merch is enclosed in the back room where minors aren’t allowed. So, really, what’s the big deal, people? They’re just trying to put the strip in strip mall! [Courier Mail]