Commenter’s Ball: Our Five Favorite Comments Of The Week

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say, you bitches crack us up! So in honor of you, our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the Internet, here are our five favorite comments from last week… Bravest Style Superhero
“juliePS” in Fashion Nightmare: Croc Winter Boots
When two ugly things combine — crocs and Uggs, only one woman can defend them.
“Ya know, I think they’re just as hideous as Uggs. If the bottom section is water-resistant, I might even consider them an improvement, although nothing amuses me more (in a ‘boy I’m glad that’s not me’) than watching college-age women squish around in soaking wet Uggs during an East Coast weather event. Except maybe the ones who wear them with miniskirts when it’s 30 degrees outside.”
You must laugh A LOT when you visit sorority parties then — Uggs are practically a uniform for Greek girls!

Best Substitute for Love
“Jess” in Slideshow: Laptop Bags
When The Frisky’s most available bachelorette/blogger, Leonora, confessed, “these days my laptop is my boyfriend.” “Jess” seconded her devotion with:
“I’m pretty sure I’m in a relationship with mine as well. There’s also nothing wrong with protecting it with such a cute bag!”
See, bloggers are just like US!

Most Likely To Get A Restraining Order
“Abbylyn” from Pretty Boys
“I would jump on Wentworth Miller before he even had the chance to say ‘hello.’ Or, more likely, ‘Who is this crazy woman — get her away from me.’ But like I said, before he even had a chance to say it, so it wouldn’t matter.”
Yeeeeah, let’s just keep it that way. JK! We feel the same way about that looker. Wentworth’s girlfriend (or boyfriend!), women of the world want to pounce on your pretty boy. Consider yourself warned!

Most Patriotic
Astrosexologist Kiki T in Debate This: Sex On The Crimson Wave
When Aunt Flow’s in town, can you still get down and dirty? Kiki T hit the issue spot on when she said:
“I am totally pro sex on the crimson wave or flag day, as they call it in Japan (that is my fave…anyone that doesn’t know why, look at Japan’s flag and you’ll get a good laugh.”
Hey, it’s more fun than singing the National Anthem.

Secret Lover
“Nicole” from Your Craziest Celebrity Dreams
”I totally have sex dreams about Charlie Sheen. And it’s weird because I think he’s a d-bag.”
Hey, you’re the only one willing to make sex with Charlie Sheen a habit!