Who Should Star On The New “Melrose Place”?

We were loyal fans of the sexy nighttime soap opera, “Melrose Place,” so we are so excited it’s getting a facelift and coming back to television. However, after the hack job they did on the new “90210”, we are very afraid about what the CW network might do to the other delicious Aaron Spelling drama! We want to help them help us. Here are the actors that would make us stay home to watch (and drool over) Melrose Place 2.0, after the jump.

Billy Campbell (originally played by Andrew Shue): Taye Diggs is the only man beefy and beautiful enough to fill Shue’s shoes as do-gooder Billy. No stranger to TV audiences, on a soap, maybe they can get Taye to get a little dirty and nekked.
Sydney Andrews (originally played by Laura Leighton): Who would make the perfect scheming lil’ sis? Miley Cyrus! Her sly smile says it all. Plus she’s dying for a new big girl role. We’ve seen her as a blonde Hannah Montana, and a brunette Miley, now we bet she’d go really red for network TV!
Dr. Michael Mancini (originally played by Thomas Calabro): Ryan Phillippe does movies, but he is made to be a TV bad boy beyond good and evil. He was so hot as the teen trickster in “Cruel Intentions”, we know he can hit the spot as Dr. Mancini.
Jane Andrews Mancini (originally played by Josie Bissett): This needy Nelly clung to men and kept changing careers, but she was never satisfied. We think Nicholle Tom, “Maggie” from The Nanny , can give this plane Jane some edge, beyond her fashion forward hair-do. And she already has experience playing the whiny older sis on TV! Plus, hardcore “90210′ fans probably remember her as Scott Scanlon’s sister, Sue, who accused a teacher of sexual harassment.
Amanda Woodward (originally played by Heather Locklear): Large and in charge, Téa Leoni, has been in the news lately for sexing up Billy Bob Thornton and divorcing her hubby, David Duchovny. So, she’s no stranger to scandal and men can’t resist her! As we all know from Guys On Our IM, men love high maintenance bitches. So, she would be perfect as the Queen of Melrose. Plus, she already likes to wear suits!
Dr. Jack Wagner (originally played by Peter Burns): We could give “Lost”’s con man, Sawyer, a promotion and make him the smooth operating chief medical doctor. Josh Holloway is so sexy, we’d love to watch him tell sweet little lies on another hit show.
Jo Reynolds (originally played by Daphne Zuniga): Jessica Szohr, aka “Vanessa” on “Gossip Girl”, is seductive enough to play the photographer with a wandering eye.
Allison Parker (originally played by Courtney Thorne-Smith): Smart and pretty, Keri Russell, aka “Felicity”, is the perfect girl next door to move into “Melrose Place”.
Jake Hanson (originally played by Grant Show): We’d love to see Jared Leto return to television as the tough guy who’s handy with his hands. He’s been playing a guitar with 30 Seconds to Mars, but maybe it’s time he pulled some strings on a soap opera.
Dr. Matt Fielding (originally played by Doug Savant): Who could play a homosexual doctor? Neil Patrick Harris. Duh! Doogie could reprise his doc role now that he’s all grown up and out!