The 10 Most Influential Women Of 2008: Tina Fey

The guys at unveiled their list of the “49 Most Influential Men of 2008″ and the results, voted on by their readers, may surprise you. Check out the full list and then, over the next two weeks, check out our picks for the “10 Most Influential Women of 2008″ — The Frisky picked a female counterpart for each of the men in AskMen’s Top Ten. We hope you agree with our choices!
#5—Our Pick: Tina Fey
AskMen’s Pick: Stephen Colbert

Even though we care a great deal about the future of our country, politics can get a little boring with all of the “he said”‘s and name-calling. Thankfully, we have intelligent, hilarious people like Tina Fey who mock candidates to keep us interested. In her own way, Fey teaches us about what’s going on in the election when she puts on that red suit and frame-less pair of glasses to play Sarah Palin on “SNL.” Tomorrow night, her Emmy-winning show “30 Rock” finally returns for its second season. And, when she’s not cracking us up on the small screen, she stars in (and often writes) movies like this summer’s “Baby Mama.” Fey even makes commercials delightful! (Also, I just realized she and I have the same hair.)


  • #10: Sarah Palin
  • #9: Nastia Lukin
  • #8: Sarah Haskins
  • #7: Anne Hathaway
  • #6: Giada De Laurentiis