Get Nailed By Minx!

Conventional nail polish and nail art are things of the past now that Minx Nails have arrived. Minx Nails are the latest celebrity trend and have been spotted on the hands of Beyonce, Solange, Eve, Rihanna and Mariah Carey. “It’s the boom heard around the world,” said Minx Master Lisa Logan, who is Beyonce and Solange’s nail technician. Since Minx is a flexible film, not a polish, you can have virtually any design. I’m talking alligator skin, paisley, fishnet, pretty much anything creator Janice Jordan can think of. You can even show your partisanship by putting a Democrat donkey or a Republican elephant on your nail. Beyonce, Solange and Eve have been spotted with photos of Senator Barack Obama on their nails. And coming soon, you will be able to order customized nails from Minx. That means you can have nails that perfectly match those new python Jimmy Choos or even put a photo of your favorite furry friend. After the jump learn more about Minx Nails.

Although, Minx come in several designs, Logan said the metallic coverings are the most popular. “It literally looks like aluminum foil,” she said. “You can’t find that in any polish.”

Surprisingly, application of Minx Nails takes only 15 to 20 minutes, but it’s best if someone else applies the film to your nail. Like a conventional manicure, your nails are buffed and shaped first. Then the film should be exposed to a lamp or other heat source. After the film warms up, it can be removed from the paper backing. The film is smoothed over the nail and the excess is removed. And voila, you have leopard-print nails! Plus, the cost of a manicure with a Minx Master starts at only $40. We’ve all had that argh-moment when you notice that the polish on one of your perfectly manicured digits has chipped. Well, Minx will last at least a week with NO CHIPPING, according to Logan.

It seems there is no comparison between Minx Nails and conventional nail polish, so all you have to do is decide which art you’d like (I know that’s a hard choice!) and find a technician.