25 Things To Do With Your Extra Hour This Weekend

Sad news, everyone: this is the weekend we “fall back” as Daylight Saving Time ends and months of dreary cold and sunless days begin. Of course, the perky glass-half-full types are always quick to point out how we gain an extra hour when DST ends, like that somehow makes up for the endless evenings of walking home in the dark while shivering in our multiple winter layers. But you know what? I say let’s make the most of that measly hour! Let’s put our hearts and souls into that extra time we gain and really appreciate the hell out of it and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be rewarded with a winter that sucks just a little less normal. Not sure what to do with your extra hour? Well, after the jump are 25 suggestions… 1. Sleep off your Halloween hangover
2. Cram in a year’s worth of flossing and impress your dentist at your next check-up
3. Finally watch an episode of “Mad Men” and see what all the fuss is about
4. Beat your personal best at Sudoku
5. Get a head start on your Thanksgiving menu
6. Do like Oprah and make a vision board
7. See how many tequila shots you can do
8. Throw a “bonus hour” party and then kick everyone out when 60 minutes are up
9. Rent a room at a karaoke bar and sign your heart out to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” (you know you want to)
10. Hit the post-Halloween candy sale at Rite-Aid
11. Sharpen all your kitchen knives
12. Make a playlist of all your favorite Prince songs
13. Exorcise your demons
14. Back-up your software
15. Get in touch with your inner self
16. Make a collage of Sarah Palin quotes
17. Push back your cuticles
18. Sit on a pillow and chant “om”
19. Give your dog a bath
20. Make a batch of oatmeal cookies
21. Take a yoga class
22. Whisper a secret in someone’s ear and tell him to “pass it on”
23. Learn to count to ten in Japanese
24. Take an online Mensa quiz
25. Holla atcha boys

So, what will you be doing with your extra hour this weekend?