Poll: Would You Stay In A Sexless Relationship?

Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce is playing out on the pages of newspapers around the world, so we’ve been privy to information that most married couples keep to themselves, namely how much they have sex. Last week it was rumored that Madonna was always too tired for sex because she works out so hard-core. Supposedly the two hadn’t done much in the bedroom for some 18 months. According to psychologist, life coach, and sex expert Dr. Pam Spurr, sexless marriages are pretty normal. According to a survey of more than 400 people that Spurr did for her book Sizzling Sex: The Sex Doctor’s 250 Hottest Tip, Trips, and Techniques, 90 percent hadn’t tried anything new sexually since their first year of marriage. Nature might be the cause of the sexual stagnation, because research into the biochemistry of attraction has found that our ancestors procreated furiously for the first six to 12 months after meeting. Generally a pregnancy would occur, and then sexual activity would drop off for a period during child-rearing. But perhaps there is hope. Another celebrity couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, keep proving with every baby that sex can still happen, even after a couple years together, as long as you are the most beautiful people in the world. [The Times, U.K.]