Female Crotch Grabbing: Hot or Not?

Italians believe it wards off bad luck. Bad boy rappers use it as a status symbol. Regular dudes claim they just have to do it too. Guys get away with grabbing their groin for many reasons and I’m jealous! Back in the ’90s, I thought Madonna looked fierce when she turned the socially acceptable male convention on its head, no pun intended, and started crotch grabbing. And now, even Rihanna has been spotted clutching her cooch in concert and Giselle is grasping her snatch on the cover of Photo France this month!

Personally, I think it can be totally sexy or hilariously goofy. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and grab my crotch for effect in the heat of retelling a story to my girlfriends recently. Unfortunately, I wound up insulting them — they found the mannerism so offensive, I didn’t even get a laugh for my story. Sniff. Is female crotch grabbing really so bold?