The Daily Squeeze: Warm Hands, Jessica Biel’s Voice, & Dita Von Teese’s Halloween Costume

  • If you would like to have a good outlook on the world, get a hot drink and hold it in your hands. According to new research, people who held a warm beverage viewed a stranger as having warmer personality traits than when they held an iced coffee. [LiveScience]
  • Jessica Biel is recording songs for a new movie. Apparently she has “a great range.” [WENN]
  • Dita Von Teese is dressing up as a “normal girl” for Halloween. To her this means: bronzer, spray tan, and jeans. [AHN]
  • The Rockdale Medical Center in Georgia is having a contest that will pay $10,000 to an engaged couple that has not had sex, are willing to open up the ceremony to the public, and must undergo premarital counseling. So far, no one has entered. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]